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Engaging Content Marketing in Hospitality

Luxury Lifestyle TV features unique destinations and exclusive hotels around the world. We produce engaging videos and broadcast them on platforms reaching in-flight travel, on a variety of Television networks, digital websites, mainstream publications and online social media.

Our experts bring years of experience, leveraging the power of our broadcast platform to market your brand to an influential, global audience.

Elevate Your Brand

Innovator TV enlighten millions of in-flight travelers and TV viewers by presenting our custom video content and TV commercials for companies across a variety of industries. Our platform helps organizations deliver their story effectively and affordably to an affluent and influential demographics both in the United States and in Europe.

Our program provides direct access to an elite business audience on major airlines and TV networks, including C-level executives, decision makers, investors, early adopters and affluent consumers. Our topics include innovative business leaders, emerging technologies, revolutionary trends,health solutions, philanthropy, finance and education.

Build Relationships with the Clients You Need

Luxury Lifestyle TV features the latest trends in pop culture. Our show covers the latest trends from fashion, accessories, dining at the latest hot spots, health, financial management, technology and new product launches. Our program features industry leaders and trend-setters. We produce high end and cutting-edge videos which are distributed across an integrated media platform that includes in-flight travel, TV network, mainstream publications and social media. Our team of experienced professionals specialize in promoting your brand to an influential global audience.

Find out how we can take your brand to new heights.

Large Network of Industry Leaders in Media Distribution

Our travel and lifestyle experts can bring niche clientele directly to your product or hotels by broadcasting professionally made content across the world's most effective platforms. Our associates are leaders in this industry and are the #1 trusted marketers and content providers that specialize in media trading.

Corporate barter is the exchange of an asset for goods or services. One of the oldest business practices, corporate barter has been expanding beyond its traditional boundaries. Corporate barter is no longer reserved for the Fortune 500 or global enterprises. As more companies are looking to compete for customer attention with tighter budgets, the need for creative marketing becomes more critical.

With corporate barter, companies small and large can extract maximum value from underperforming assets by trading them for media credits.

JMR Media customizes individual barter programs for clients to maximize their exposure by promoting their brand through an integrated multi-media platform.

Our clients include travel, lifestyle, dining and innovative businesses looking to communicate their message to a massive audience.

With decades of collective experience, JMR Media’s team of specialists can help promote your brand across all media platforms by customizing the ideal campaign to suit your specific requirements.