9 Benefits For Joining Our Program

Extend Your Advertising Reach Through Creative Marketing By Trading Your Inventory For Media.

No cash cost to advertise

We offer a unique trade program which allows our clients to exchange inventory from hotels nights, spa credits, lifestyle products, accessories, jewelry and dining certificates.

National & Local ad campaigns across an integrated platform

We will customize a campaign to reach your targeted audience which would include a combination of in-flight video, spots on National Television, digital banner ads/pre-roll video or in-banner video and full page print ads in your desired local markets. You can choose any of these options as a stand alone or bundled package. Local & National media options are available across all of our platforms.

Tell your story with an engaging video or ad

We have a production studio in Los Angeles. Our talented crew will work with you on creating a detailed concept of producing your video, which will include script writing, music licensing, post-production, and placement as part of our services. You will also maintain rights to your final video spot to keep and use for your own marketing efforts.

Production and placement of media with no cash cost

All of our services are offered in trade. Starting with production to editing and placing your media, we will accept barter from start to finish. Cash & Trade combinations or cash alone is also accepted.

Receive greater exposure for discounted media costs

With over 20 years of experience in broadcasting and media, we are the #1 trusted in the industry! Our relationships allow us to offer you high value media at competitive rates.

Exchange a product with no value for the high-value purchase of media

Leverage overstock inventory, discontinued items, empty room nights and unsold products. We will take your barter that is not being used or needs to be sold and bring traffic to your site, hotel, store or business in exchange for advertising and bring more awareness to your brand.

Gift certificates, codes aNd credits have a lot of breakage

Breakage refers to money received from gift cards but never redeemed by customers. Unredeemed, expired or lost gift cards is unused revenue that was exchanged for valuable media. Gift cards/codes have become a useful and low risk opportunity for advertising.

Receive media, pay with product and receive revenue back

By paying with product, you are getting your inventory in the consumers hands. While each gift card has a limit of value per code or card, this allows the customers to purchase above the value that is issued in trade and is revenue for the retailer.

Receive a copy of a high quality video to use for future overall marketing efforts

Video production is very expensive. Our program allows you to purchase media at a very affordable rate. As part of our media package, we offer to produce a video for our clients at no additional cost.